CH 117 Autumn 2013

What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction, or SI, is an academic assistance programme that provides regularly scheduled out-of-class study sessions. These free sessions, open to all students currently enrolled in CH 117, are held twice a week throughout the semester, with special Mock Exam sessions before every exam. SI sessions integrate what you are learning in class with essential problem-solving and application strategies. You shall learn how to take better notes and prepare for exams, boost your vocabulary, ask questions and much more as you review course material. Furthermore, SI sessions provide you with the opportunity to go over, in detail, any concepts or ideas from class. As a result, students who regularly attend SI earn higher grades (between half and a full letter grade higher) and withdraw from classes less often than students who do not.

About Me

My name is Mohammad Abbasi and I am a senior double-majoring in Biochemistry and English Literature, and minoring in Biology and Physics. I am a pre-med student and have extensive experience with the Chemistry Department at UAB, through Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry classes and through research. This is my sixth consecutive semester being involved with the University Academic Success Centre specifically helping students with Chemistry. Chemistry fascinates me because of how embedded the discipline is in everyday life and everything we do. As students of chemistry are quick to realise, there is no escaping it! Chemistry is as equally an analytical science as it as a descriptive art, and it is this fact that draws so many of us to the discipline.

Sessions, Office Hours and Mock Exams

My goal is to cater each SI session to you; we shall go over questions, clear up any difficult concepts, actively work through problems and talk about how to best prepare for each examination. We shall have SI sessions every Monday and Wednesday from 2:00 to 3:00 in EB 237. During each session, we are going to cover material from the previous lecture. I shall provide a worksheet at the beginning of every session, and we shall always spend some time going over the worksheets and working specific problems together. The worksheets from past sessions are uploaded and available below. Generally, the sessions are one class period behind the lecture (e.g. material covered in class on Monday is reviewed on Wednesday).

I have an office hour every Friday from 10:05 to 11:05 in the University Academic Success Centre Office, Room 242 in the Education Building. I also attend each class and can usually stick around for a few minutes after lecture in order to answer any questions. Of course, I welcome questions via e-mail at

Before each examination, we shall have a special Mock Exam session. We shall work an entire exam, problem-by-problem, and also go over any questions that you may have. More detailed information on the Mock Exam sessions shall be provided as each exam approaches.


Mock Exam I:

Wednesday, 4th September 6:00-8:00 pm

Campbell Hall 405

Mock Exam II:

Wednesday, 2nd October 6:00-8:00 pm

Campbell Hall 405

Mock Exam III:

Wednesday, 30th October 6:00-8:00 pm

Campbell Hall 405

Mock Exam IV:
Monday, 2nd December 7:00-9:00 pm

Humanities Building 312

Mock Exam I.pdf Mock Exam I.pdf
Size : 257.56 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam I Solutions.pdf Mock Exam I Solutions.pdf
Size : 370.095 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam II.pdf Mock Exam II.pdf
Size : 249.144 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam II Solutions.pdf Mock Exam II Solutions.pdf
Size : 367.165 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam III.pdf Mock Exam III.pdf
Size : 242.406 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam III Solutions.pdf Mock Exam III Solutions.pdf
Size : 402.289 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam IV.pdf Mock Exam IV.pdf
Size : 276.941 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam IV Solutions.pdf Mock Exam IV Solutions.pdf
Size : 403.027 Kb
Type : pdf

 Uploaded Documents

Worksheet 1.pdf Worksheet 1.pdf
Size : 115.563 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 2.pdf Worksheet 2.pdf
Size : 201.983 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 3.pdf Worksheet 3.pdf
Size : 138.325 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 4.pdf Worksheet 4.pdf
Size : 118.094 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 5.pdf Worksheet 5.pdf
Size : 199.177 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 6.pdf Worksheet 6.pdf
Size : 93.937 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 7.pdf Worksheet 7.pdf
Size : 6.223 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 8.pdf Worksheet 8.pdf
Size : 94.653 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 9.pdf Worksheet 9.pdf
Size : 8.801 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 10.pdf Worksheet 10.pdf
Size : 9.826 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 11.pdf Worksheet 11.pdf
Size : 116.619 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 12.pdf Worksheet 12.pdf
Size : 129.966 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 13.pdf Worksheet 13.pdf
Size : 10.141 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 14.pdf Worksheet 14.pdf
Size : 114.937 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 15.pdf Worksheet 15.pdf
Size : 92.257 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 16.pdf Worksheet 16.pdf
Size : 210.658 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 17.pdf Worksheet 17.pdf
Size : 98.704 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 1 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 1 Solutions.pdf
Size : 135.201 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 2 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 2 Solutions.pdf
Size : 227.675 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 3 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 3 Solutions.pdf
Size : 321.51 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 4 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 4 Solutions.pdf
Size : 301.828 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 5 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 5 Solutions.pdf
Size : 230.025 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 6 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 6 Solutions.pdf
Size : 114.914 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 7 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 7 Solutions.pdf
Size : 25.585 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 8 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 8 Solutions.pdf
Size : 208.765 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 9 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 9 Solutions.pdf
Size : 251.942 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 10 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 10 Solutions.pdf
Size : 235.297 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 11 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 11 Solutions.pdf
Size : 246.538 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 12 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 12 Solutions.pdf
Size : 281.655 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 13 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 13 Solutions.pdf
Size : 258.608 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 14 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 14 Solutions.pdf
Size : 143.894 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 15 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 15 Solutions.pdf
Size : 118.851 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 16 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 16 Solutions.pdf
Size : 251.74 Kb
Type : pdf
Worksheet 17 Solutions.pdf Worksheet 17 Solutions.pdf
Size : 102.928 Kb
Type : pdf

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